• GEF CReW Project Steering Committee Meeting

    GEF CReW Project Steering Committee Meeting | 7th - 9th July 2015 - Antigua, Guatemala

  • CWWA 24th Annual Meeting
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    "I have a dream that one day sewage will be properly treated in areas along the coast before being emptied into the sea, thereby improving air and water quality in these areas"  - Chrishane Williams
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    "Wastewater should be duly valued as an important resource" - JodyKay Maxwell
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    “I want wastewater to become a resource rather than a burden, a world where the perception of wastewater has changed 180 degrees toward the good.  A world where wastewater is not called wastewater anymore because it has become a source of incomes for the community rather than a focus of diseases.”  - Alfredo Coello Vazquez
  • Considering the Future We Want on World Water Day 2015 -	Sanitation for All?

    Considering the Future We Want on World Water Day 2015 - Sanitation for All?

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GEF CReW Participating Countries


Effective management of wastewater in the Wider Caribbean Region (WCR) has for several decades been, and remains, a significant challenge faced by the region. Regional governments have long recognized that land-based sources of pollution from municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors and their negative impacts on marine resources are a threat to the region's economic development and the quality of life of its people.

Recent studies have shown that untreated sewage is one of the major threats to public health and the Region’s rich biodiversity and is the result of rapidly expanding urban populations, poorly planned development, and inadequate or poorly designed and malfunctioning sewage treatment facilities. As a result:

  • 85% of wastewater entering the Caribbean Sea remains untreated
  • 51.5 % of households lack sewer connections
  • Only 17% of households are connected to acceptable collection and treatment systems.


Wastewater Management in the Wider Caribbean Region (WCR)



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What is the CReW?

The CReW is a four-year project that began in 2011. It is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

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